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Sep 18, 2014


NYC in the 1980s.



After picking up a camera at the age of 15, Jamel Shabazz has been unknowingly become the first “visual documentarian” of hip hop. For over 30 years he’s captured the world around him. Every frame  of that world is a time portal that sparks emotion stemming from the scenes they represent. And if there is ever a glimpse into the foundations of street wear and its surrounding culture, it can be found in the pages of his first book.

“Back In The Days” is real deal documentation as it pertains to the origins of hip hop, not to mention hip hop fashion. No 2oK a day models. No makeup artists. No food trucks. The models in the book don’t need runways because they lived the life of style. Jamel Shabazz was there to capture it all.”

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Sep 16, 2014

Thank god for my lead

His support is the only reason I’m even trying

Sep 16, 2014

The best union busters are the unions themselves

You want to talk about unfair treatment and a hostile work environment? Go be an organizer in training. I may get fired next week because I’m not performing at top level after 3 months with no training.

Sep 15, 2014


I have learned over the years how essential gentleness towards oneself is. When you are having a bad moment, bad day, bad year, or a seemingly bad life you owe it to yourself to be kind, to be patient, and to be loving.

Beating yourself up over mistakes of the past or present doesn’t help you in anyway to do better. It’s an act of abuse against yourself, and it will only make you hurt more.

Don’t break apart your own soul. Don’t crush your heart into pieces. Please don’t destroy yourself from the inside out. Be gentle with yourself every single second of every moment of every single day. You are learning, you are growing — you will fumble and stumble but I know you can and will rise again.

You are worthy of your own attention, care, and forgiveness. If you’ve been treating yourself badly today I really hope that you’ll take this opportunity to no longer speak hate into your life but rather love, hope, healing, and joy.

You are not a bad person.
You are not a failure.
You are not meaningless.
You are not born to suffer.
You are not fated for misery.

You are a precious human being. Sweetheart, YOU ARE A PRECIOUS HUMAN BEING. A bad moment doesn’t change that. A mistake doesn’t undo your worth. You are a magnificent treasure, and I hope that today you would begin the process of restoring your soul.


With a whole lot of love,


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Sep 13, 2014


Field of Dreams film site
Dyersville, Iowa
Photo by mattknicks


Field of Dreams film site

Dyersville, Iowa

Photo by mattknicks

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Sep 11, 2014

God is definitely a woman and/or has a uterus

I was walking to the bathroom at Wash U thinking how great it would be to have complimentary tampons there, because I had no quarters, and whadya know: there they were.

It’s the little things.

Sep 11, 2014

"In the United States, access to tampons and pads for low-income women is a real problem, too: food stamps don’t cover feminine hygiene products, so some women resort to selling their food stamps in order to pay for “luxuries” like tampons. Women in prison often don’t have access to sanitary products at all, and the high cost of a product that half the population needs multiple times a day, every month for approximately 30 years, is simply, well, bullshit."

- The case for free tampons (via stuffmomnevertoldyou)

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody suggest that toilet paper or paper towels in public bathrooms shouldn’t be free.  We’d consider it outrageous if that very basic necessity were to be missing, or provided only for purchase.

And yet.

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Sep 11, 2014

Sep 10, 2014

My conversations with Tito have been really profound lately

He really challenges me and usually it frustrates me at first but eventually gets me to see my own privilege in the things he’s saying and challenging me on. Like he doesn’t do it explicitly but it always gets there.

I appreciate it. I also appreciate how patient he is and how resilient and strong organizers like OBS and other black organizers are. They’ve been fighting the same shit for YEARS and.they.keep.going. 

Sep 10, 2014




The Ferguson City Council convened for the first time since Mike Brown’s death, and proved that they literally give no fucks about what the community has to say. Added to their vague, paltry proposed reforms, seems real change will have to come in Ferguson via the ballot box. I don’t care where you live folks— let this be a lesson in voting/participating in your local elections and government! #staywoke #farfromover 

My people getting it!

these people are the real heroes. not the military, not politicians, not the Hollywood actors. they risked their lives and livelihoods to challenge white supremacy and institutionalized racism.

That’s Rasheen in the first pic :-)

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