"Get the fuck off me or die Warlow"

But, omg True Blood. 


I keep running out of money dammit.

I was so broke for so long and now that I’m making money I just spend or help out my parents or friends until I run out and it’s usually the week I get paid. Then I’m embarrassed because I go out and people have to pay for me. It doesn’t help that I give a lot to my parents too. Like my mom owes me $80 right now.

It’s fucking hard to catch up, it’s fucking HARD to be an adult.


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FEELS. So many.

FEELS. So many.

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"Dear Gaza,
I’m sorry

Dear Beirut,
I still love you like an arsonist

Dear Venice,
When that glassblower put his lips to
the glowing pipe
and I followed his breath into
an ornament
I understood grace

Dear New Orleans,
You gave me swelter and melody and
staircase after the longest winter of my life
You are where I forgave myself

Dear Boston,
I found the bird already dead
Crooked nest scattering
the pavement
and for days all I saw
was that constellation of bones

Dear Aya Nappa,
I cannot hear your name
without thinking war and ship
and two moons before coastline

Dear Tripoli,
It was whiplash
It was awful month
It was season of flinching
I won’t be coming back

Dear Rome,
When I think of my future self
She is walking your piazza
wearing something yellow

Dear Wichita,
I remember the summer songs on the radio
The car rides through the backbone
of your highways
I remember corn fields and pregnant sky
and always a thunderstorm

Dear Gaza,
I’m sorry

Dear Ramallah,
Thank you for the applause
Thank you for the seltzer water
the tableh player
the 3am tomato and bread
Thank you for the balcony

Dear Dubai,
I forgot a scarf
a silver ring
a tube of lipstick
and courage to make a mistake
I found the ring
The rest you may keep

Dear Aleppo,
Forgive me my litter
my uneaten rice
my abundance of light bulbs
Forgive me my bed soft and warm
even in January

Dear Baghdad,
Twenty six years and you still
make me cry

Dear Doha,
With you I am always dreaming of
starlit eels and honey water and swans
bathing in fluorescent sky
I miss those colors

Dear Istanbul,
Marry me

Dear Dallas,
I bought polished pebbles from
your mall kiosks
and pretended I was Aladdin
turning the soil over
and gasping

Dear Gaza,
I’m sorry

Dear Beirut,
You are cherry end of cigarette
You are pulse and tunnel
Freckles and siren
How can you fit so much?

Dear Norman, Oklahoma,
No one calls me Holly anymore
I blink slept woke wanting fairytale hair
for breakfast
loving boys with quarterback hands
and suburban smiles

Dear Las Vegas,
I’d rather not

Dear Brooklyn,
I came to you tumbled and spun
I came to you with 62 books
and the mistakes I’d gathered like splinters
You showed me where to sit

Dear Dublin,

Dear Damascus,
Nothing is as dangerous
as an unlit match
You taught us that

Dear Paris,
By beauty I meant that bridge
Those clouds and the legs my brother and I
dangled over the water

Dear Jerusalem,
Only you know what I am capable of

Dear London,
When I didn’t speak
it wasn’t because I was ungrateful
I was trying not to cry

Dear Gaza,
I’m sorry

Dear Manhattan,
I left a part of myself in that nightclub
like some paper crane with a beating heart
She is crumpled and sleeping
Do not wake her

Dear Bangkok,
I ate your fruit salted
Bare fingers peeling back skin
for shrines of gold and sugar

Dear Beirut,
I bruise as easily as you do
We are both anemic veins
and unbrushed hair and survivor’s

Dear Gaza,
When I come to you
it will be summer
Scorching sun and a music to the
You’ll ask me
‘what took so long’
and I’ll tell you where I’ve been"

Dear Gaza by Hala Alyan [x] (via justanotherpalestinian)


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Leave It To Jon Stewart To Perfectly Sum Up What’s Going On In Gaza And Israel

"These are not two equal sides: occupier and occupied" - Rafeef Ziadah


So the new guy and I have decided to “play it by ear.” We both really like each other and hang out regularly almost every weekend but he doesn’t know how long he wants to stay in St. Louis and I want to take things really slow and don’t want a serious relationship just yet.

Of course though it’s starting to make me feel a lack of confidence. Every time he doesn’t text me back RIGHT AWAY I get nervous. Most of it is just the remains of my last relationship but I also just have a hard time with not knowing exactly what will happen next.

This is important for me though. I must grow. 


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emotional abuse is when someone does something to hurt you, and when you express your feelings, that you’re upset, they turn it around to be something you did to hurt them and they force you to apologize for it, and your feelings, like always, are rendered invalid and silenced, forever damaging the ability to trust others with your feelings because they always are used against you.

this is important because so many people don’t know this

Reblogged this before and doing it again. Also been there. 


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I’ve missed this show.
But I always get the spoilers. Only on season 5 dammit…

I’ve missed this show.

But I always get the spoilers. Only on season 5 dammit…


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